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What's The Day Like?

Ben Nevis Day: a brief description of your day. We meet at Achintee, the traditional start and finish. First, we discuss the mountain weather forecast and how it may affect our day. Check we have the right clothing, equipment and food. When everyone is happy, we begin our ascent of the mountain path. The day is long and I recommend a steady pace, giving us time to pause, refresh and take in the scenery. As height is gained you observe a gradual change in surroundings as green slopes give way to rocky terrain. The path levels out briefly at a small lochan, providing temporary respite before turning towards the steeper slopes and a continuation of the walking up a good path. The mountain takes on a more serious posture. Glancing up, clouds may obscure your views and the wind rises to resist your progress. But, remember, you will not be alone and you can exchange comments with other people all on the same journey. You begin to tire, then, suddenly the gradient eases and you are on the summit plateau only minutes away from the rubble remains of the observatory station and the summit cairn. Now, enjoy the moment, hopefully glimpse the precipitous north face and beyond the sea of mountains. We reverse our route with lighter hearts, but remaining careful how we tread. As we descend, views open up toward the west and the sea lochs, and after whats seems an endless downhill trudge we end the day at the Nevis Inn for a well deserved drink and reflect on what we have achieved. 

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